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Places to Visit in Ethiopia


The beautiful crater lake of Wenchi

A short distance from Addis Ababa, it makes for a great weekend trip. The are several routes: Addis Ababa to Ambo to Wenchi or Wonchi and Addis Ababa to Woliso to Wenchi.

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Gambella National Park

It has an altitude of 450 meters ASL, and is a lowland area

Gambella National Park is inhabited by lions, elephants, buffalos, etc. Favorable routes include: Dembi Dolo (Welega) to Gambella

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Debre Damo Monastery

The 6th century monastery in northern Ethiopia

The monastery is only accessible by rope up a steep cliff and is located west of Adigrat in the Tigray Region. After fourteen centuries, the monastery has not undergone much change and is a prime example of times past.

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Tiya Archeological Site

Of the 160 archeological sites, Tiya is considered the most important in the Soddo region

Located to the south of Addis Ababa and beyond the Aouache River, it contains 46 monuments and 32 carved stelae covered with symbols difficult to decipher.

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Konso Cultural Landscape

Made up of stone walled terraces and fortified ssettlements

Located in the Konso highlands of Ethiopia, it is a wonderful example of a living cultural tradtion that dates back twenty one generations or over 400 years.

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