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Travel to Lalibela

Lalibela has an altitude of 2,630 m ASL and is known for its rock hewn churches, the Zagwe Dynasty, and King Lalibela. You can reach the town from Bahir Dar, Gondar and Dessie.

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Mago National Park

The park's headquarters can be reached from Jinka

Getting there can be achieved by either driving or by using Ethiopian Airlines flights. This park shares roughly 5 kilometers of its southwestern boundary with Omo National Park.

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Omo National Park

The trip to Omo National Park

One of the most least visited yet largest and richest in Ethiopia, Omo National Park is located on the west bank of the Omo River. An airstrip was recently built near the park headquarters but it still remains hard to access. As it is off the beaten track, it offers virtually unexplored terrain and game in its natural state.

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Semein Mountains National Park

The journey to this wonderful park

The base of this mountain from which to begin exploring is 179 square kilometers or 111 square miles and the park is called Debark, which is located 748 km or 464 miles northwest of Addis Ababa and 101 km or 63 miles north of Gondar.

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Sof Omar Caves

One of the worlds' most extensive underground caverns

Located close to the Bale Mountains National Park, the trip will take you through Robe then to Goro and then the caves.

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