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Destinations in Ethiopia


How to get to Bishoftu or Debre Zeit

This town is the closest resort town to Addis Ababa with many well developed resorts. It is located only 45 km away from Addis Ababa. It has seven lakes that lie at its center as well as in the surrounding areas.

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Danakil Depression

The road to the Danakil Depression or Dallol Depression

This area can be reached from Mekelle over to Birki Birki then to Berhale on to Hamed Ela then to Dallol. Lake Asale will also be visible on this trip.

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The trip to Gondar

The city of Gondar is 2,120 m ASL and is located south from the Semien Mountains. Gondar was established in 1635 and served as the seat of the Ethiopian capital for 250 years. The magnificent castle of Fasilides is located there and along the trip from Addis Ababa, many historical sites can be witnessed.

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The road trip to Harar

Harar is 525 kilometers from Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa is only a short distance of about 45 minutes away. Harar has lots of historical sites to see, as well as a hyena feeding show, the castle of Jegol, and more. On the way to Harar from Addis Ababa, you shall go through the towns of Debre Zeit/Bishoftu, Nazreth/Adama, Metehara, Asebot, Asebeteferi/Chiro, Kulubi Gabriel, Hirna, Dengego, Alemaya/Haramaya, Awuday, Hamaressa then on to Harar.

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Hawassa or Awassa

Hawassa is the capital of the Southern Nations...

Awassa is one of the most popular resort towns in Ethiopia. On the road to Awassa from Addis Ababa, you shall encounter the following cities and towns: Modjo, Zwai or Ziway with its lakes and islands, Langano Lake, Abiyata-Shalla National Park, Shashamene, Senkele Sanctuary, then on to Hawassa/Awassa.

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