Danakil Depression

danakil depression in ethiopia

Danakil Depression

Quickly Learn More About the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia

The Danakil Depression or also known as the Dallol, is situated to the east of Tigray and close to the Eritrean border.

The area is inhabited by the Afar nomads and is home to the volcano Erta Ale or Ertale.

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This volcano is made up of 7 active peaks between Kebit Ale on the western shore of Lake Asale to Haile Gubbi which is north of Lake Afrera.

The Erta Ale is one of the most active volcanoes in Africa, with a permanent lava lake and its last eruption being in 1967.

The Danakil is known to be the hottest place on earth, with temperatures reaching above 50 degrees Celsius, while the nights being chilly.

Due to security concerns and its inhospitable environment, special care and attention needs to be given before visiting this rare and remarkable place.