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Ethiopian Culture and Tradition

Traditional Dress

Habesha Libs, Kemise, Netela

During special events and holidays, Ethiopians usually wear Habesha libs or traditional clothing. They are locally produced white fabrics in different styles. Habesha Kemise or dress has a colorful pattern around the bottom and the netela or shawl is the put on.

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Festivals, Memorial Holidays & Rituals

The Victory of Adwa, Epiphany, Bull Jumping, Stick Fighting, Ashenda, etc.

With Ethiopia's long history and large variety of peoples, it is no wonder many recreations are available. The Victory of Adwa is significant in that it was the first time in recorded history that an African country defeated a European standing army in battle. Bull Jumping and the Evangadi dance are interesting rituals found amongst the Hamer people in the Omo Valley. Stick Fighting or Donga found amongst the people of the Surma Tribe is a sure way to be facinated.

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Books on Ethiopia

Choose from a large variety of books related to Ethiopia.

From the Autobiography of Emperor Haile Sellassie I, to an English journalist Graham Hancock retelling the circumstances and thoughts that led to his discovery that the Lost Ark of the Covenant really exists...books on Ethiopia are anything but dull.

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