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Tradition and Culture in Ethiopia

Food & Drink

Ethiopia's National Dishes and Drinks

Injera a soft bread made from Teff flour is the most common food in Ethiopia. Teff is now considered a super food by many, due to its high valuable mineral content. Doro Wot a chicken stew is also very popular and widely enjoyed, as is Tejj a wine made from honey.

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Ethiopia's Ancient Churches & Monastaries

Ethiopian paintings which are found mostly in churches and monastaries have a unique signature in the way they represent figures. Similarity among the paintings include the proportion of the size and shape of the eyes and nose to the whole face. Depictions mostly include saints, angels, and ordinary people. These paintings can be found in galleries all over the country, as well as in churches, monastaries, and shops.

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Ethiopia has a wide variety of architecural designs

Ethiopian Architecture designs range from ancient historical marvels such as Axum, Lalibela and Fasiledes to modern day country side dwellings.

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Traditional Instruments

Well known Ethiopian traditional musical instruments include: Masinko, Kirar, and Begena

The Kirar has between five to six strings. The basic structure has two bars which hold another horizontal bar from which the strings are tied up. Masinko is made up of only one thick string. The Masinko is used widley because of its ability to adapt to different types of music. One of the oldest instruments is the Begena which is made from wood, hide and a special string found in the intestinal walls of a goat or sheep. It produces a lound tone and has ten strings.

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Inzirt and Shimena are traditional methods of Ethiopian Weaving

The Inzirt is used to make thread from cotton which will then be sent over to the operator of the Shimena. The Shimena is used to make traditional Ethiopian clothes.

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