Bale Mountains National Park

bale mountains national park in ethiopia

Bale Mountains National Park

All You Need to Know About this Amazing National Park

Bale Mountains National Park is considered the largest home of Afro Alpine habitat in Africa.

The mountains are at above 2,400 meters sea level to the east, west, and north.

The parks headquarters is in Dinsho and can be accessed via two routes from the capital Addis Ababa - from the Rift Valley south to Shashamane or through the city of Assela.

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The park is made up of lowlands, deep gorges, pristine alpine lakes, and volcanic peaks and plugs.

Visitors can marvel at the wildlife and natural beauty by horse riding, mountain walking and scenic driving.

The endemic wildlife of the park include but are not limited to: Wattled Ibis, Thick-billed raven, mountain Nyala, Semein fox, Blue winged Goose, and Rouget's Rail.

Due to the high levels of rainfall, and its disparity in altitude and topography the park is home to a plethora of vegetation.

Grasslands, moorlands, meadows, steam banks, forest floors are to be expected.