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Important journals pertaining to Ethiopia and its laws

The trade and environment debate: the normative and institutional incongruity

2010-06-15 Download

Dwindling Ethiopian Forests: the 'carrot' and 'stick' dilemma


The 2007 International Convention against Enforced Disappearance: Some reflections


Subsidiary classification of goods under Ethiopian Property Law: a commentary

2010-06-15 Download

Abortion law in Ethiopia: a comparative perspective


Void agreements and voidable contracts: the need to elucidate ambiguities of their effects

2010-06-15 Download

Between ambivalence and necessity in the Nile Basin: Occlusions on the path towards a basin-wide treaty

2010-06-15 Download

Competition policies and laws: major concepts and an overview of Ethiopian Trade Practice Law

2010-06-15 Download

Review of decisions of State Courts over state matters by the Federal Supreme Court


WTO accession in the Ethiopian context: a bittersweet paradox

2010-06-14 Download

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