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Conceptual Foundations of Property Rights: Rethinking De Facto Rural Open Access to Common-Pool Resources in Ethiopia

2011-08-15 Download

Freedom of Expression in Ethiopia: The Jurisprudential Dearth

2011-01-07 Download

The Role of Ethiopian Courts in Commercial Arbitration


Operation and Effect of Presumptions in Civil Proceedings: An Inquiry into the interpretation of Art 2024 of the Ethiopian Civil Code

2011-01-07 Download

From Tenuous Legal Arguments to Securitization and Benefit Sharing: Hegemonic Obstinacy - The Stumbling Block against Resolution of the Nile Waters Question


Revisiting Company Law with the Advent of Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX): An Overview


Emerging Separation of Ownership and Control in Ethiopian Share Companies: Legal and Policy Implications


Income Tax Assignment under the Ethiopian Constitution: Issues to Worry About

2010-07-29 Download

Learning to Live with Conflicts: Federalism as a Tool of Conflict Management in Ethiopia -- An Overview


Collation under Ethiopian Law of successions: 'Payment by taking less'

2010-06-15 Download

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