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Wars of Ethiopia

ethiopian somali war

Ethiopian-Somali War

The USSR, finding itself supplying both sides of a war, attempted to mediate a ceasefire. When their efforts failed, the Soviets abandoned Somalia. All aid to Siad Barre's regime was halted, while arms shipments to Ethiopia were....

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1982 ethiopian somali border war image credit:

1982 Ethiopian-Somali Border War

The 1982 Ethiopian-Somali Border War occurred between the months of June and August 1982, when Somali rebels with Ethiopian military support invaded central Somalia and captured several towns. The fighting was a catalyst for U.S. military....

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eritrean war of independence

Eritrean War of Independence

The referendum was held in April 1993 and the Eritrean people voted almost unanimously in favour of independence and this was verified by the UN Observer Mission....

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ethiopian civil war image credit:

Ethiopian Civil War

In March 1975, revolutionaries abolished the monarchy. The Crown Prince Asfaw Wossen settled permanently in New York City, where several other members of the Imperial family lived. The other members who were....

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insurgents in ogaden ethiopia image credit:

Insurgency in Ogaden

Al-Qaeda agents had previously infiltrated Ogaden, investing $3 million in smuggling foreign fighters into the region. Fighters from Turkey, Bosnia, Egypt, France, Gambia and other countries joined the conflict taking part in 35....

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ethiopian eritrean war

Ethiopian-Eritrean War

After a series of armed incidents in which several Eritrean officials were killed near Badme, on 6 May 1998, a large Eritrean mechanized force entered the Badme region along the border of Eritrea and Ethiopia's northern Tigray Region, resulting in a firefight between... Read More

ethiopian and kenyan intervention in somalia

Ethiopian/Kenyan Intervention in Somalia

Ethiopia's Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi, said Ethiopia entered hostilities because it faced a direct threat to its own borders. "Ethiopian defense forces were forced to enter into war to protect the sovereignty of the nation," he said. "We are not trying to ...

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