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All Ethiopian Wars

first ethiopian italian war image credit:

First Ethiopian-Italian War

The Italian forces were hit by wave after wave of attacks, until Menelik released his reserve of 25,000 men, destroying an Italian brigade. Another brigade was cut off, and destroyed by....

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somaliland campaign

Somaliland Campaign

The first offensive campaign was led by Hassan against Ethiopian encampment at Jijiga in March 1900. The Ethiopian General Dejazmach Bante reportedly repulsed the attack and inflicted great losses on the Dervishes. Hassan seized...

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second ethiopian italian war image credit:

Second Ethiopian-Italian War

The Italian Air Force attacked and bombed a field hospital run by the Swedish Red Cross - a war crime in itself. Count Carl Gustaf von Rosen served as an ambulance pilot and he later recounted that the hospital was marked with Red Crosses. He also confirmed that mustard gas was used. The Swedish Red Cross secured photographic evidence of Ethiopian civilians with damages from mustard gas....

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east african campaign

East African Campaign

Gideon Force was a small British and African special force, which acted as a Corps d'Elite amongst the Sudan Defence Force, Ethiopian regular forces and Arbegnoch (Patriots). At its peak...

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korean war, with ethiopians image credit:

Korean War

Rumors began to spread among the Chinese and North Korean troops that the Ethiopians were possibly super-human or even cannibals. This myth was most ......

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congo crisis with ethiopians

Congo Crisis

The achievements of the Ethiopian troops in the most chaotic of times have been written on the annals of posterity. But to mention a few of their many heroic achievements, the 8th Ethiopian Battalion had its ... Read More