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TAY Authorized Accountants and Auditors

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TAY Authorized Accountants and Auditors

TAY Authorized Accountants and Auditors is established by merger of three audit firms namely Tesfa Tadesse & Co., Alemayehu Kassa & Co., and Yeheyis Bekele& Co. in July 2005. Due to the merger, TAY Authorized Accountants and Auditors has got greater size and capacity to maintain quality of audit works at an international standard. Moreover, the firm assured its continuity as it has got three young professionals who are authorized auditors and have different experiences and qualifications that enable the firm to competently discharge its responsibilities to its client.

The firm is established with a vision to provide real business support to its clients. Having considered the lack of adequate professional support to the local businesses, be it profit making or non-profit making, the company believes that it should provide value adding assistance to its clients on top of the financial audit.

TAY Authorized Accountants and Auditors has been in audit and consultancy practice for a continuous fifteen years and has developed great trust and professional relationship that added value to the business objective of its clients.


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Ethio-China Friendship Avenue, Wengelawit Tadesse Building 1st Floor

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia