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It was only at the beginning of 2013 when Ethiopia's government approved mobile money in the country, allowing banks and micro-finance institutions to provide transaction-based banking online....... Read Full Article
Speaking on condition of anonymity from the country's air force base in Debrezeit town, a military official told Sudan Tribune that the drones are equipped with onboard sensors, cameras and GPS to carry out cost-effective monitoring activities even across difficult landscapes like..... Read Full Article
Ethiopia has built a privately funded astronomical observatory, taking the first step towards creating a fully fledged national space agency. With the US$3 million investment, the East African country joins...... Read Full Article
According to the Business Report, this deal followed the historic visit of US President Barack Obama, which through his Power Africa initiative, will increase both technical and investment expertise as well as drive investment in power generation.... Read Full Article
The government is planning to build a $250 million technology park, Ethio ICT, although critics worry it's another of Africa's pipe-dream tech cities. "There is high potential for techies to develop applications and technical solutions,".... Read Full Article

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