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Kaffa's location was important for migrating populations heading south through the Nile River valley. Many of these immigrants settled near the Omo River and called Kaffa "home." The first known city was called Shadda and dates back to 1500 AD. Kaffa, the capital city of...... Read Full Article
Djibouti City has a French naval presence, and also a US military base at Camp Lemonnier. So, a lot of the lively nocturnal activity has developed to meet their needs. There are numerous bars, cafés, clubs and restaurants. Activities are rather more restrained at Plage des...... Read Full Article
The legend of Kaldi was preserved for posterity when it was written in 1671 CE. There probably was, however, an earlier oral tradition about the story. The legend says that he lived in 9th Century Ethiopia among the Oromo people. He was a goatherd who noted that his flock always...... Read Full Article
Ethiopia is considered a land of natural contrasts. It has numerous waterfalls, volcanic hot springs, mountains, caves, medieval churches and even some of the world's lowest and hottest points below sea and above level. The largest cave Africa is in the country at a place called...... Read Full Article
Moses it was said picked up a wife from that area- Ethiopia to be precise. And when he was given power over the forces of the elements, he was to use the power for the recorded plagues in the Bible. Ramses was torn between the suffering of his people through the plagues and the fear of his..... Read Full Article
The Shotel Sword was used in dismounted states and was used to hook their enemies by reaching around their shields as well as other defensive weapons their enemies decided to use. This weapon was used to throw an enemy soldier off his horse. This was a very effective weapon that..... Read Full Article