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The people of Ethiopia are of mixed religion and many have tribal routes or indeed still co-habit in a tribal environment. On a tailor made wildlife holiday you will have the opportunity to meet the people, experience their way of life and appreciate how they live in harmony with their natural environment and....... Read Full Article
Many countries in the world are made up of different tribes and people. Often there is a main group and several minority groups. As an example we can mention Thailand with their different mountain tribes, Sweden with the Sapmi people in the north, and the Indians in Mexico. Sometimes we only hear about these minority groups when there are...... Read Full Article
Wolf watching in Ethiopia is far from the European or North American forests and open plains that evoke popular ideas of the animal. However, Ethiopia is home to the Ethiopian Wolf, a handsome animal that is unfortunately one of the most endangered mammals in the African continent. It can still be...... Read Full Article
The newly discovered Ethiopian opal find near Delanta in Welo Province is quickly becoming known for some of the most impressive jewelry grade rough in the opal world. Delanta-area mines are producing a remarkable material that has incredibly bright plays of color and amazing harlequin patterns. In the last 2 years, the new Ethiopian opal has..... Read Full Article
My wife was first exposed to Ethiopians when she boarded an Ethiopia Airlines flight to begin the twenty-six hour journey to Ethiopia through Rome, Italy. Ethiopians looked different and they acted different from what she expected. Their features are very refined, like finely sculptured ebony - a truly beautiful people. The stewardesses had a graciousness and kindness that...... Read Full Article
Ethiopian music and singers are known throughout the world because of their dynamic and versatile personality and contributions towards music industry. Teddy Afro is one of those names who are famous in the region. Recently, he has celebrated his birthday with fans in one of the shows and attracted almost thousand people. Music presented by Teddy Afro includes several messages for..... Read Full Article
Scholarship for Ethiopians 2012 is another hope-giving educational program dedicated to help the young hopefuls of the Ethiopia, another developing country in Africa. Ethiopian students who aspire to have better lives can now start working on their goal through enrolling themselves in..... Read Full Article
To answer these questions, we have made a long and careful search of the Holy Bible and have concluded that the Israelites (Jews) are in fact Black People. We arrived at this conclusion by reasons such as....... Read Full Article
According to tradition, Empress Helena lit incense and prayed for assistance to guide her. The smoke drifted towards the direction of the buried cross. She dug and found three crosses; one of them was the True Cross used to crucify Jesus Christ. Empress Helena then gave...... Read Full Article