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Ethiopia is a country in Africa that is considered to have played a very vital role in the history of man, having evidences of the earliest forms of humanity in the world. An interesting trivia about Ethiopia is the one where its Emperor Haile Selassie, circa 1952, was considered by the Rastas as the reincarnation of Jesus. If this is your first time to...... Read Full Article
Rift Valley is group of some of the oldest, largest and deepest lakes in the world, formed by the East African Rift. Each of the seven lakes has its own special life and character and provides ideal habitats for the exuberant variety of flora and fauna which runs through the whole eastern side of the African continent from north to south. It is certainly a paradise for the..... Read Full Article
Accommodation: Being one of the oldest countries of this world, Ethiopia is a popular tourist destination. There are many luxury hotels and resorts, as well as budget hotels which are comfortable and hospitable. Nightlife: Ethiopia enjoys a distinguished nightlife. Traditional music is still popular and sung together by male and female singers at local bars and clubs. Beautiful Landscape: There is abundant..... Read Full Article
With traditions and a captivating culture that has existed well beyond 3000 years, Ethiopia is a tourist hot spot. The country has a well preserved history that interests a number of people the world over. The Afar region of the country is...... Read Full Article
One of the most significant celebrations in the Ethiopian Christian calendar is the annual Timket festival. Deriving its name from the Amharic word for Epiphany, Timket is the Ethiopian Orthodox Church's celebration of Christ's baptism in the Jordan River. Although celebrated elsewhere in the Christian world, the festival is particularly vibrant and..... Read Full Article
Entrepreneurship is a long lasted event that helped the developed countries reach here. There is no question that Ethiopia and many other African countries need entrepreneurship to get rid of poverty. Governments in these poor countries should encourage entrepreneurs by....... Read Full Article
Coffee is so much a part of our everyday lives today that most of us take it entirely for granted most of the time. Well, maybe not when we are shelling out $6.00 for a Mocha-Frappa-Lotta-Chino-Verte at the local coffee house -- but most of the time. Yet coffee has an interesting history; especially in Ethiopia..... Read Full Article
There are very few nature enthusiasts who don't have ambitions to go on wildlife tours in Africa. This enormous continent is home to some of the most incredible animal species on the planet, and several of its countries offer fantastic organised wildlife tours. In Africa, whether you visit Morocco on the trail of the Bald Ibis, go searching for the Lemurs of Madagascar, or....... Read Full Article
Where does the name Ethiopia come from? It is derived from the Greek form, "aithiopia," which is made up of two words: "aitho" (I burn) and "ops" (face.). It means the land of scorched faces, a reference to the country's many ethnic groups and mixed populations living together. The Greeks called all peoples south of Egypt, "Ethiopians." The area...... Read Full Article