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The Kushitic living in North East Africa are the indigenous people of modern-day Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia and Kenya. They have been inhabiting the area since 5000 BC. However, their number has reduced considerably and today they are present in Sudan, Eritrea and Kenya in small numbers. However, their number is quite large in Somalia and Ethiopia. In fact, in...... Read Full Article
In 1974 Donald Johanson's team found the bones of an extinct hominid in the Afar region in Ethiopia. The same night John Lennon and Paul McCarthy's song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was played in their camp, giving the name for the find. In a..... Read Full Article
Sometime in December 2011, a story broke in the British press, specifically the Daily Mail, that there was a possibility that the world was about to get a glimpse of the much-sought-after biblical Ark of the Covenant which was housed in a church in Ethiopia. The building where it...... Read Full Article
Africa, the so-called rainbow continent is second only to Asia when considering land mass size and population. It is also generally looked at as the origin of humans. The scientific community has found that around seven million years ago, hominids are already present in the continent; and that 200,000 years ago, the earliest modern day humans lived in Ethiopia. This is...... Read Full Article
Khat is a shrub like plant native to Ethiopia and grown throughout East Africa and Yemen. It is a cultural staple amongst East Africans and Yemenis and is used for both recreation as a light stimulant, and also for medicinal and ceremonial purposes. The legality of Khat..... Read Full Article
What is the most luxurious destination in the world? Is it Paris? Milan? Rome? New York? Tokyo? Or is it a hidden gem, like Ethiopia? If luxury, to you, means unsurpassed natural beauty, a rich and varied culture, a commitment to its ancient traditions, wonderful, serene accommodations, and....... Read Full Article
Ethiopia borders Sudan on its western expanse. It borders Djibouti and Eritrea on the East. Ethiopia has been having military problems with Eritrea for many years and they have fought fierce wars. On the south..... Read Full Article
It has taken Ethiopia a long time to shake off its international image as a nation blighted by famine, pestilence and civil war. In 1985 Bob Geldof and his gang of activists raised awareness of mass starvation in the horn of Africa with the famous Band Aid concert which went a long way to generating support and money for the people in need. An inevitable consequence of this though has been to brand..... Read Full Article
Ethiopia population is extremely diverse. With a total population of over 76 million, the country is home to more than 80 different ethnic groups. The three most important ethnic groups that make up nearly 70% of the population include Oromo, Amhara, and Tigray. The rest of the population....... Read Full Article