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Religion has always been a major influence in Ethiopia. Certainly no country in Sub-Saharan Africa can trace its origins as far back. Ethiopia is mentioned thirty-three times in the Bible and many times in Qura'an. Perhaps this is the reason why so many visitors retrace the 'historic route'...... Read Full Article
For tourists in Ethiopia, people from all countries, except Kenya, need to be carrying a visa. Each person can apply for a 1 - 3 month visit tourist visa. These visas are available at the Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa, upon arrival to tourists from Canada, USA, Australia and most European countries. In order to avail the visa, you need to show 100 USD in..... Read Full Article
Ethiopian legend Abebe Bikila was Africa's first world record breaking athlete/marathoner and first Ethiopian and first sub-Saharan African Olympic gold medalist. He would also become Africa's first Olympic double-gold medalist and double world-breaking athlete. No one else in the world...... Read Full Article
Though there are a number of hospitals in the city, most of them lack required facilities and only a select few are able to deliver good medical services. Leading Hospitals in Addis Ababa...Saint Gabriel General Hospital is a major hospital in Ethiopia. This health care center, with full-fledged outpatient and inpatient departments, is..... Read Full Article
The famine in Ethiopia 1984-1985 is considered one of the most devastating famines in the history of mankind. There were actually two famines, both of which were equally destructive, during this period - one in the northern region and one in the southern region. The famine in the north was.... Read Full Article
Monks in Ethiopia are said to have brewed the berries after first throwing them into the fire as "devil's work!" As the monastery filled with the heavenly aroma of roasting beans, they were raked from the fire and..... Read Full Article
Ethiopian cuisine, like the country's population is very diverse. Yet, almost uniquely to Africa it's also almost wholly native. Indeed, Ethiopian cuisine is one of the most unique of all international cuisines and the local spice mix, berbere..... Read Full Article
The history of Ethiopia is considered very, very important by historians around the world as the country is considered the place where humans evolved. The oldest remains of human ancestors were found in the Awash Valley in Ethiopia. These remains were at least...... Read Full Article
Rastafarianism is a religious movement born out of the black slums of Jamaica which harnessed the teachings of the Jamaican born Black Nationalist, Marcus Garvey and conditionally uses selective Old Testament Christian writings to support its.... Read Full Article

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